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Hearing Diagnosis 

The Road To Better Hearing Starts At The Source
Before we determine what hearing solution is best suited for your needs, it's important to have a full-scale understanding of the potential hearing loss. At Here 4 You Hearing Center, we run diagnostic testing services in order to find exactly what you need.

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations
Hearing loss is a medical condition, which is why undergoing a comprehensive hearing evaluation is an important aspect of your care. A thorough evaluation is typically not provided when you receive a "free" hearing test. An audiologist has the training to understand how medical conditions and medications may affect your hearing. In addition, when you have hearing loss, it is recommended that you receive an annual hearing evaluation.

What to expect during the appointment:

Your medical history and your experience with your hearing will be discussed.
You'll be placed in a sound booth to ensure extraneous noises do not interfere with your hearing. The evaluation includes pure-tone testing to assess your hearing ability at different pitches. Your ability to hear and comprehend speech in quiet and noisy environments is also evaluated.
Our audiologist will explain the results to you, and counsel you regarding your options. We will send you home with additional information about your appointment as well.

Tympanometry is the measure of the function of your middle ear. This is an important test when you feel your ears are plugged, you have ear pain, or you hear popping in your ears. During the test, a plug will be held to your ear canal and you will feel a small amount of pressure.