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Customized Ear Plugs

Ear Products Made Especially For You
Hearing Protection
Hearing protection is essential if you will be exposed to loud sounds. You should protect your hearing at work, at home and during loud recreational activities. Sounds such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, kitchen blenders, and guns may damage your ears and hearing. Our custom hearing protection plugs are made to fit your ears and are washable.

Fun fact: Our audiologist, Dr. Regan, uses hearing protection when she blow dries her hair!

Swim Plugs
Swim plugs are great for patients who have tubes in their ears or for people who are sensitive to getting water in their ears during swimming and bathing. Swim plugs are a customizable to each person, washable, and they float!

Sleep Plugs
Sleep plugs are great for patients who have a partner who snores. They are also useful for patients who have a non-standard sleep schedule or travel a lot. Sleep plugs are made just for your ears.

Ear Molds and Ear Impressions
Some patients require custom ear molds for their hearing aids. We work with a leading ear mold manufacturer and also order specialty ear molds direct from hearing aid manufacturers. We will also take ear impressions for patients who are interested in specialty products they wish to order themselves.

Musician's Earplugs
Musician's earplugs help protect the hearing of musicians while still allowing music to sound natural. They have a flat frequency response and come with a 9 dB, 15 dB, or 25 dB filter.